We are a family-team that has an experience of more than 15 years in the development of commercialization in international markets and we have lived the world of wine from the cradle. This experience together with the collaboration with our producers means that the wines represented by our company are exported to more than 20 countries on 5 continents.


We want MW-Wines to be your export department.
We work daily to establish strategic alliances that position our national wines in international markets. 


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How can we help you?

Close, fast and better service, at the most competitive price, this is our philosophy and the basis for any offer.

In short, this means a constant analysis of the market and the consequent buying and selling of the products.

We have:

  • 1. Wines with Denomination of Origin
  • 2. IGP wines
  • 3. Wines from varietals
  • 4. Table wines
  • 5. Concentrates
  • 6. Liqueur wines, dry and sweet
  • 7. Aromatized wine-based drinks (Blue wines, Sangria, Glühwein, Glogg, Wermuth)
  • 8. Distillates, brandy, alcohol
Bodegas MW Wines

All our selected wineries are equipped with the latest technology and adapt to the needs of our customers. The products are stored in stainless steel tanks, and have cooling equipment for clarification, filtration, stabilization and storage of goods.

MW Wines meets the agreed quality standards of our customers. Our specialized and qualified team guarantees the highest standards in production in all areas.

Structure and Experience

Our experience and business structure allows us to respond flexibly to the market. We are always in a position to offer interesting qualities and prices. Our internal expenses are low, which benefits our customers.

Precio más competitivo
More competitive price
Control de todo el proceso
Control of the entire process
Partners en más de 20 países
Partners in more than 20 countries